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TAGP 183: The 5 Unknown Causes Of Your Anxiety

“Anything That’s Outside Of Your Awareness Is Outside Of Your Control. That Includes The Causes Of Your Anxiety.” Without raising your consciousness you’ll never overcome your anxiety. Simply because you can’t alter what you aren’t... Read More
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A Letter To Your Anxiety That Could Change Everything

“A Letter To Your Anxiety Presents Full Acceptance And Understanding.” Remember how good it felt to write that break-up letter to your ex-girlfriend or boyfriend back in the day, outlining your feelings etc? Remember the... Read More
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3 Ways The Ego Causes Your High Levels Of Anxiety

“The Ego Judges And Punishes, Love Forgives And Heals.” The best way I can describe the ego would be like this: An inner voice that only knows extremes, and relentlessly pursues that which goes against our... Read More
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How Health Anxiety Habits Can Drive A Person Mad

“If Health Anxiety Was A Sport, I Would Have Won The Gold Everyday.” People must have assumed that I loved myself greatly when they recognized the amount of times I’d feel my body throughout the... Read More