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Yoga For Health Anxiety – How it Actually Helps

“You Are One Yoga Class Away From A Change In Emotional State.” Do you suffer with health anxiety? If so, rest assured that you are most definitely not alone. Of all known mental health disorders,... Read More
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12 Ways To Reverse Aging Caused By Anxiety

“Age Fast, Age Slow, The Choice Is Yours.” Aging caused by anxiety, can we do something about it? As we grow old and develop anxious tendencies certain signs or symptoms set in. However, this is... Read More
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How To Deal With Anxiety Relapse

“Anxiety Relapse Does Not Erase The Success And Progress You’ve Made.” You may feel as if your anxiety is under control, but all of a sudden your symptoms of anxiety occur all over again! People who are... Read More
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Why Slowing Down Is So Important For Anxiety

“Take A Deep Breath, Slow Down, And Trust The Process.” The modern life is very hectic and is marked by bad eating habits, no exercise, and constant stress which can then result in varied health... Read More
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How Anxiety Messes Up Your Sex Life

“A Perfect Day Starts With Love And Intimacy, Followed By A Warm Cup Of Tea.” Anxiety can affect almost all aspects of your life, including your sex life. Anxious feelings can adversely affect the libido in numerous... Read More
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Alcohol And Anxiety, The Consequences Of Over-Drinking

“Alcohol And Anxiety: Temporary Fun With Permanent Consequences.” Alcohol behaves as a sedative thereby helping to increasingly feel at ease. It may help you to forget your worries and boost your confidence, but these benefits... Read More

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