TAGP 195: 4 Words That Are Adding To Your Stress And Anxiety Daily

July 8, 2019

words that are adding to your stress and anxiety

“Guilt is poison to our minds, emotions, and physical bodies. Which is why it’s time to replace these 4 words that are adding to your stress and anxiety levels now!”

Your past isn’t a life sentence, it’s a learning opportunity. If you don’t see it that way you may very well be living your present life still stuck over events in your past. Eye opening, I know. Life can become so hectic and overwhelming that we never stop to consider the ideas in our heads that have turned into patterns. And those patterns could very well be what is adding to your stress and anxiety levels daily.

Good health is your birthright warrior!

Some don’t see it that way though. Some don’t believe they deserve good health until they actually do something to deserve it, or permission is given by others. This can again be connected to the 4 words in today’s anxiety guy podcast episode that may be adding to your stress and anxiety levels. Once we can recognize that we are the co-creators with source energy (here’s a video where I go deeper into my connection to god) of our lives, we put power back into our hands.

Without this outlook, you’ll succumb to the agendas of other people for your life

You are literally powerless at this point. Until you clean up your past you can’t have a bright future and a pleasant present. It’s a convincing game with the head boss, the subconscious mind, and it is possible to convince this mind and body of different perspectives. Anxiety doesn’t have to be managed or coped with forever. If we can get to the root cause of our suffering we can begin healing our anxiety. I will emphasize though that emotion in the form of total and utter dissatisfaction is a key part to summoning the courage to change.

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