"Rational Living Life Coaching is about Transformation, from a caterpillar into a butterfly"

Dennis Simsek

I am an educator, not a therapist. I am a mentor, not a counsellor. It's truly important to understand the differences as you embark on this personal journey with me.

But first, tell me this:

Do you you feel like you’re stuck in a cycle of never-ending panic and anxiety, and you're dreading just getting up in the morning?

Maybe you’re not feeling the love, support, and synergy in your personal relationships and want to know how to turn them around (or how to end the toxic relationships in your life and attract new, positive relationships).

Maybe you’re struggling to make ends meet, and want to find a way to become financially free so you can enjoy the lifestyle you want and feel confident and secure about your financial future.



Wherever you happen to be in your life today, and whatever fears and challenges you’re facing right now, the 1 on 1 Rational Living CBT coaching sessions with Dennis will equip you with the step-by-step guidance, personal support, accountability—and resources to help you get to where you want to be in the quickest way possible. 

Stop struggling to just get through the day, and begin living your full potential starting today!


The four options for 1-on-1 CBT Life Coaching sessions with Dennis is as follows:

1 On 1 Coaching Session
1 Hour

1 private 1 on 1 CBT Coaching Session with Dennis per week for 1 hour Via Skype

Personalized Action Plan specifically for the anxiety sufferer

Unlimited Email Support for 1 Week

1 On 1 Coaching Session
1 Month (4 sessions)
/4 sessions

1 private 1 on 1 CBT Coaching Session with Dennis for 4 Weeks via Skype

Personalized Action Plan specifically for the anxiety sufferer

Unlimited Email Support for 1 Month


Personalized Fast Track To Change Program

Download the PDF Brochure HERE

A personalized program towards rapid change and total desensitization over anxiety (2 Months Total). This journey includes Dennis (The Anxiety Guy) beside you online each and everyday as the personal trainer for your mind. 
*All Calls conducted via Skype.

What people say about my programs

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Maureen Matthews

Dennis' incredible passion for helping people through his coaching practice is the main reason it is as successful as it is.

Tony James

A friend, a guru, a teacher, Dennis never disappoints in each and everyone of his coaching sessions with me.

Vincent Benedict

As a CBT Practitioner myself, Dennis is the real deal when it comes to helping people struggling through panic attacks and health anxiety.

Selen Tugen

The end the anxiety program really does what it says it will do, and that is eliminate your moderate to severe health anxiety naturally.

Jade Hee

Dennis created an internal shift in me from the moment I met him for our 1 on 1 coaching session. Best investment I ever made, and will continue to make for myself.

Clemente Hazzan

I never thought someone could be so in-tune with exactly what I was going through in my life. Anxiety no more, thank you Dennis.