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4 comments on “Here’s How The Flu Affects Your Anxiety Levels

  1. Omg yes!!! I had the flu around Christmas time and it was the worst! I thought I went completely. Back to square one with my anxiety. Constant panic attacks and felt like I was going crazy! So glad that’s over

      • Regina Feb 15, 2018

        I’m currently going through this now. Feb 2nd diagnosed with flu still today not feel i g good. my mind is constantly going to horrible thoughts that I’m going to die, Dr missed something. I truly think if I can calm down I would feel better. not to mention I haven’t slept and was taking care of my two kids with flu too, worried sick about them.

        • I know the videos and podcasts will help tremendously. Also the program on this page is a step by step guide towards desensitization based around the teachings of CBT and NLP. Much love.

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