What Happens When Googling Symptoms Of Anxiety Becomes Chronic

February 21, 2019

“Googling Symptoms Of Anxiety Can Turn Into A Self-Destructive Habit.”

I hear it all the time, “when one symptom of anxiety ends, another one appears.” The life of a sensitized anxiety sufferer that constantly finds themselves in front of a mobile device or computer, checking whether they’re ‘safe’ or not. The biggest problem to this whole cycle is that the re-assurance seeking becomes the main outlet, the main ways to cope with anxiety, and ultimately the entire strategy.

Every time a person finds themselves googling symptoms of anxiety, and asking another person for re-assurance, they’re adding one more brick on top of the house of pain.

That pain isn’t just mental and emotional pain either, that pain is related to real physical pain and spiritual detachment. A very important thing happens at this point, the person constantly googling symptoms of anxiety becomes an expert at masking their internal emotional state. Their identity revolves around discomfort, and working tirelessly to make it through the day with as little questions like “are you ok,” from others.

Health anxiety is draining, I’ve been there I should know! The brains filter system begins filtering things around what sort of threat it is to you. At this point anything can potentially bring on the flow of adrenaline and cortisol, preparing the body to fight back or flee from the situation. Sometimes it’s more progressive, and other times it’s more sudden.

Either way, it’s connected at the deepest subconscious level to the initial sensitizing event that caused the self punishing program in the first place.

When googling symptoms of anxiety, a person becomes detached from reality. I understand that reality differs from person to person, but what I’m talking about here is a pleasant engagement with our external world through our 5 senses. These 6 steps are a common theme for this type of deep sensitization:

  1. The feeling or sensation creates curiosity
  2. The curiosity leads to ‘what if’ thinking
  3. The what if thinking leads to panic/re-assurance seeking or googling symptoms of anxiety
  4. The re-assurance leads to a feeling of safety (I call it ‘The Fix’)
  5. That safety becomes the main desire each and everyday
  6. The cycle is maintained to meet that need/calling from the subconscious mind

If you’re currently googling symptoms of anxiety at each turn, it’s important that you understand the law of substitution. This law that I touch on in the end the anxiety program says that you can’t stop thinking, feeling, doing something, you can only substitute it for something else. In the case of googling symptoms of anxiety the main question you must ask yourself is this:

“What other types of actions could potentially provide me a sense of safety, while being more productive for the long run?”

I came to an understanding during my anxiety recovery that until I faced what I feared the most, and proved to myself that the catastrophic idea was just an idea and not a near future manifestation, I was going to suffer. So my initial choice of substitution action was to sit with it rather than run for answers from others, talk to my sensations with compassion and understanding rather than hate the feeling and try to make it go away, and sometimes walk with the sensations visualizing the idea of them being a fly around my face.

When the meaning changes, the feeling changes. This is why it’s so crucial to get out of any habit that keeps you coping and managing. Coping strategies rarely ever provide enough real deep insight to change a persons perceptions. But action will certainly be able to provide this to someone deeply sensitized.

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12 comments on “What Happens When Googling Symptoms Of Anxiety Becomes Chronic

  1. Claudia Feb 21, 2019

    Very, very helpful. Thank you.

  2. Darlene Feb 21, 2019

    Great Video.as always 🙏🏻
    I dont google symptoms anymore but reading labels on medication or otc products can start my head spinning in fear

  3. Donna wood Feb 23, 2019

    Thank you!

  4. Claire Forsyth Feb 23, 2019

    Ha health anxiety all my life, and i am well read on the subject, i found your video very helpful, thankyou

  5. Steven Crowe Feb 24, 2019

    Wow did this video help me tonight. I’ve been following you on podcast and face book for about a year now. I have went from locked in my home and afraid of myself and health anxiety. Now I’m running my own business and getting on with my life. Everything has turned around for the better. Tonight for some reason I woke up to my sinuses plugged up and was having a hard time breathing. First thing I did was set off my anxiety! Second thing was I looked at Dr Google. Third thing was opened this video and it hit me like a bullet. Exactly hit the point of what way happening to me. It is a great feeling to catch myself before going to deep into my mind and falling back into the dreaded loop. I haven’t used Dr Google in a long time. I could see my mistake while it was happening and could shut it down. I felt this video tonight was my answer everything is going to be perfect again. Not saying I won’t be anxiety free. Just that for once I can see what I’m doing right to understand anxiety and my sensations is working. I owe it all to you and your podcasts and videos. Thank you so much for everything you do and are as a person. Thank you so very much and may God bless you and your family like he has done to me by showing you up in my life. I’m not a spiritual person but tonight something was there. Thank you again.
    Sincerely Steven Crowe.

    • Hi Steven, deeply touched thank you. Sending good vibes your way. ❤️

      • Annalise Mar 1, 2019

        Thank you so much Dennis – we listen to you and watch your youtube program all the way here in South Africa! You are so sincere, honest, practical and constant. I really appreciate all that you do. May you be blessed for your generosity of spirit.