TAGP 172: #AskTheAnxietyGuy – How An Awakening Can Lead To True Inner Strength And Happiness

January 28, 2019

“An Awakening Is Available To Everyone, But You Must Be Open To It For It To Come Into Your Life.”

What is an awakening, and why haven’t you had one yet? Why is your life an uphill struggle rather than a pleasant ride? I can bet you’ve asked yourself questions like this recently and have come up blank in terms of answers. I’ve been there, patiently waiting for ‘my moment.’ A time in my life when I would think drastically different than my victim like thinking patterns, emotionally feel different than the the same old lug that I was, and energetically become aligned with my true desires.

I waited and waited and waited, nothing changed. No mental, emotional, physiological, or spiritual awakening showed up. Did god hate me? Was there no hope for recovery over anxiety? Was I just not meant to live life on my own terms, feeling how I wanted to feel? The further down the victim-like rabbit hole I went, the more dis-empowering questions showed up. Until…

I Finally Realized The Elements That Led To An Inner Awakening, Which Then Led To True Inner Strength And Happiness

An awakening leads to more conscious options during daily situations. It means not to be led in a self-sabotaging direction that’s been the norm for so long, it means to change your brains filter system so that you become pulled in a new direction. Inner strength and happiness doesn’t just show up at your door step one day, it doesn’t show up out of the sky, nor can it be bought. It can only show up when there is alignment with your desires, you are in rhythm with who you want to become, and your identity has shifted at a deep level.

In today’s podcast we’re discussing the acronym that is an AWAKENING, as well as:

  • Understand what’s keeping you from true lasting inner strength and happiness
  • Discussing the secrets to becoming the greatest version of you
  • Tapping back into your child-like side for maximum momentum

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