HAP 11: Loneliness And Health Anxiety, The Truth

June 8, 2019

“Welcome To The Bewildering And Lonely World Of Health Anxiety.”

Loneliness and health anxiety is common, and it shouldn’t be. People need to understand that emotional pain and distorted viewpoints over bodily feelings are troubling, and not things you can just ‘get over.’ The biggest reason loneliness and health anxiety exists is because of the lack of true support when it comes to this kind of cycle of inner distress.

Why should someone feel different about emotional distress compared to physical distress?

That’s right, they shouldn’t. Health anxiety sufferers are growing by the day and there really isn’t enough valuable knowledge out there to counter these inner challenges. That is why the health anxiety podcast show exists, to not only share the knowledge you need but also the skills you can use throughout the day to overcome health anxiety once and for all.

Be gentle, compassionate, and forgiving of yourself warrior

Loneliness and health anxiety isn’t who you are, your identity, it’s an inner worrying cycle that you’re too afraid to let go of. The uncertainty of not worrying is too heavy an unfamiliar weight to carry around, and because of this, worry equals safety. If worry is the spine that keeps your health anxiety in tact, how do we remove it?

By becoming less interested over the catastrophic ideas that show up in the mind, based on a sensation in the body

It’s the truth. But not too many have hit rock bottom yet to give up the certainty that worry provides them. Many health anxiety sufferers know what to expect tomorrow, and they know it won’t get much better or worse, which keeps the loneliness and health anxiety cycle alive. But today we tear this cycle apart, and move in the direction of positive progress.

Today on the health anxiety podcast show, we’ll be looking at:

  • The best ways to counter loneliness and health anxiety
  • Why the cycle of worry is such a common habit
  • Why health anxiety sufferers consistently think the worst around their symptoms of anxiety

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2 comments on “HAP 11: Loneliness And Health Anxiety, The Truth

  1. Debbie Jun 11, 2019

    Dennis… I am scared tonight! I feel like I’m willing myself to make my heart stop and I am distraught!! Cconstant heart sensations and I was depressed. Now I want to live and I’m not. It feels so real like anytime. I feel like I need to be locked up. I’ve been listening to you tonight. What can I do right now to please make this obsessiveness go away for a few hours. Can’t rest or sleep. Nightmare…. fricking nightmare. Gotta stop a nd get a little peace.

    • Make uncertainty your friend, sensations can trick the mind into thinking many different things, you’ve survived them all before. ❤️

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