TAGP 73: Channeling The Power Of Your Subconscious Mind

July 17, 2017

subconscious mind and anxiety“Whether You Think You Can Or Think You Cant, You’re Right.” Henry Ford

Your subconscious mind records your every emotional reaction to each experience you have, think about this for a second. Why do happy people stay happy no matter what crosses their paths, and negative people stay negative?

Simply Because Your Subconscious Can’t Differentiate Between What’s Good Or Bad, It’s All Information To The Subconscious Mind.

Judging the quality of information received doesn’t work well with the subconscious mind. But it will keep you focused on information that keeps you feeling the way you do, because it believe that’s what’s kept you alive all this time.

As long as someone sees themselves as anxious, the subconscious mind will continuously sort for information that keeps them anxious. That’s why lucky people get luckier, and people that play the victim care everyday keep digging themselves in deeper and deeper holes in life.

Let’s Remember That It Always Comes Down To The Amount Of Repetition That Takes Place Before The Subconscious Mind Stores It And Activates It In The Future. 

This is why habits are so important, and self awareness is the key to changing habits. But in my 6 year struggle with health anxiety and GAD I didn’t know how to think, only react! If an emotion popped up that I disliked, I reacted. If a thought was brought to my awareness, I reacted. I had no self control at all.

I then realized that when I started to act in awareness of my habits, my higher self acted as a guardian for my mind. This allowed me to step aside and see my thoughts and emotions from a new perspective. One that put the power right back into my hands, and soon your hands as well.

Episode #73 Of The Anxiety Guy Podcast Shares:

  • How your subconscious mind is contributing to your overall daily state
  • How patterns you’ve picked up through childhood still play out today
  • Why the subconscious mind doesn’t accept new thoughts/beliefs so quickly

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14 comments on “TAGP 73: Channeling The Power Of Your Subconscious Mind

  1. mohanned Jul 17, 2017

    thx dennis u are right.. subconsous mind realy playing with me 24 hours.. whenever i wake up.. goinng out ..doing aything . or trying anything new it bombared me with fear whith new physical symptoms .. doest want me to live my life cannot as u said defer between the right thing or wrong alll past memorirs events.. the only way is show him repititvly tht im safe and i want to change
    .by donig the opposite wht subconous givin is the only way bcz as u said dennis ..subconius wamt u safe always in all situations .. giving u false tboughts . we need to catch them and do the opposite or replace it .. good job dennis

  2. Thank you with the owners to share, I am a hair designer

  3. Dominique Jul 24, 2017

    Great podcast. I’ve been super anxious lately to the point where it’s causing me gut issues. The words and analogies you used were inspirational.

  4. Nice Post. Thanks for sharing the information. 🙂

  5. Nice Post. Thanks for sharing the information

  6. self awareness is one of the important thing that a person should always have in him,
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  7. Amazing Podcast really helps me with Anxiety! Keep up the good work.