Why Finding Your Purpose In Life Can Override Your Anxiety 

May 27, 2018

‘I’d Much Rather Die For A Cause, Than To Live A Life That Is Worthless.”

Anxiety is often regarded to be a part of a bigger problem that is intertwined with low self-esteem, no direction in life, widespread inertia, and other emotional, energetic, and mental health issues. Finding a purpose in life and having clear-cut goals can help create a positive lifestyle that can override anxiety.

The development of meaningful, long-term goals over the course of our lives has been extensively studied by mental health professionals for decades. The life-goals that promote a sense of purpose, such as helping children read, becoming a life coach etc., can help change not just your own life but also the life of others.

The evolution of purpose in human beings has been continuous which has helped the species make great accomplishments; it is the reason why purpose has been known to be associated with better mental as well as physical health. As a part of evolution, purpose in life is adjustable, and assists the survival of both individuals and humans as a species.

The important thing about finding your purpose and setting goals

Purpose in life and setting goals helps us to stay invested in our lives and offers us an excuse to get out of bed every morning. We tend to feel more positive and confident about our abilities and are less vulnerable to setbacks and health anxiety.

“Do You Know Why People Sleep So Much? Because They Don’t Have A Big Enough Reason To Stay Awake.”

Increased focus on a bigger purpose in life and more positive goals results in reduced space in our mind and body for anxiety and associated daily negative rumination. The latter can trigger more mental and emotional health problems. 

When we are busy thinking and doing stuff that really matters in our lives, such as finding a purpose, creating goals, etc., we subconsciously end up giving less importance and thought to other things like anxiety triggers, etc.

The main point is the fact that identification of certain key goals that need to be worked on and striving towards finding a true purpose in life can offer a different life perspective and help override anxiety. Negative patterns of thoughts gradually get removed by the majestic vision that you have created for your life and ‘stuff’ that usually causes anxiety tends to shrink into insignificance.

How to find your purpose in life to override anxiety?

  • Purpose is not just an intellectual quest, but also an emotional one. Purpose is something that we tend to feel. Hence, it can be found through the healing of our own suffering and the suffering of others.
  • Reading is a great way of finding your purpose in life. It connects us to different kinds of individuals across space and time and provides us with experiences that can offer a sense of purpose and meaning.
  • Listening to other individuals about what they find likable in you can help pinpoint your strengths which can then be used to create goals and find a purpose in life
  • Cultivation of some behaviors and emotions, particularly gratitude, wonder, and altruism, can help reduce anxiety and promote overall wellbeing.

  “The Purpose Of Life Is A Life Of Purpose.”

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